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First of all, thanks to everyone who responded – in the comments or by email – to my rant last week. My folks are a lot better, which is heartening, and their new boiler is fitted. Things are calm for the moment, although I’ll probably have to try and get them to a funeral some time in the next couple of weeks. We’ll cross that bridge when we come to it. I also did reasonably well at the Bury Christmas Fayre this year, in fact I ran out of copies of Few Are Chosen, which was a good predicament to be in but also a bit annoying. I did £470 over three days, £12 more than I did on my best year, in two, but a full £170 more than last year – although they hadn’t put me next to a stall selling brand new, best selling kids and teen books for £1 a pop this year, which was a relief.

There has been more time to reflect over my life and career this week, to, and I am feeling on a slightly more even keel. I have stepped down as editor of the parish mag, freeing up a minimum of seven hours a month and after Roughseas’ question in response to my last post, I started a short story to explain exactly how Betsy Coed did end up running the Bordello on Turnadot Street. Amazingly, it’s moving along nicely and I now have a princely 4009 words in the bag – only 16,000 to go then. Not so bad; if I keep up progress at this rate, it’ll be done in 4 weeks. It won’t, of course, but I will be done a lot quicker than I usually am and might even manage to squidge a second in before the summer holidays begin.

At the same time, the longer stuff has started moving again, so I’ve written a couple of thousand words of the work in progress, too – which is the first in a series and not set in K’Barth. However, I have made the usual discovery, a third in, that what I’m really writing is book two. So I’ve had to take stock a bit, go back and start book 1.

Isn’t it bizarre? Nothing has changed, I’m still trying to write a mix of full length novels and, in an ideal world, some shorter stories to go with. However, instead of seeing it like that, I’ve simply switched priorities, put the short stories as the priority and the novels on the ‘in an ideal world’ back burner, swapped a difficult goal for an easy one. The result? Suddenly I’ve made more progress on both in a week than I have in the preceding two months! So it just goes to show how important it is to look at things in the right way – or perhaps, that I’m so credulous that I can even do spin and puff on myself! Or possibly CBT.

Anyway, a propos of the shorts, I’d really appreciate your help with something. If you have a burning question about K’Barth, the back story to the series, the back story to the characters, anything characters do ‘off stage’ over the story line of the series, can you let me know what it is in the comments? I will then answer it, using the medium of the short story, because a few questions will really help to get this kickstarted.

Second thing, I am taking part in a giveaway this month. A group of science fiction and fantasy authors have got together and we are all giving our books away for free. You don’t have to sign up to anyone’s mailing list or jump through any hoops, AND you don’t have to be tied to one particular book retailer. You can go to the page for your favourite retailer and download the books that interest you.

To find out more, just click on this smashing graphic, here.







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7 responses to “Evolved or spun? Meet my shorts. Born Free: news, views and free books … #giveaway #sffbooks

  1. Wow, MT. So glad you are moving forward. Sometimes a change is as good as a rest.

    • Thanks, it certainly feels like I might be getting somewhere at last, with the pressure transferred to something a great deal more achievable, I feel at liberty to fiddle with the novel to my heart’s content! So so weird how just turning it round and looking at it from a different point of view has done the trick.



  2. Diana

    congratulations! it’s so good to hear of dramatic results like this. Enjoy!

  3. Always happy to help 🙂 I wouldn’t know where to start with Betsy, it’s such a blank canvas, prob why I asked.

    Did I mention Snoofle? His interest in art etc might be a fascinating one to enlarge. Or Denarghi’s rise to dictator. Nige? LV? I do think the scope for shorts is mega as there are so many interesting characters.

    Weren’t you going to do one about the two coppers at one point?

    Good to hear about the progress – and – the sales. £££

    Some interesting books on the link, which of course, I totally forgot to d/l. There was a specfic offer on around the same time too. Which I also forgot … Not that I have time to read 😦

    Slowly drying out here after two weeks of non-stop Mediterranean rain (nicely alliterative I think).

    • Yeh, it’s Betsy, Merlinda and Major Pylup at the moment. 🙂 I think LV’s rise up the ranks would be intriguing but a whole 22k about LV would be grim because he’s so unbelievably horrible so it would have to be associated with other stuff. I’m 6k into the short now. 😉 it’s coming along nicely.

    • PS, the two coppers will probably appear in the bromance with GM and Big Merv 😉

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