A quick list of all M T McGuire’s books with purchase links.


Night Swimming
An adventure set in K’Barth

After stealing one of the best meat pies he’s ever eaten, and returning a small lost boy home, The Pan of Hamgee should feel smug. But somehow all these things do is make him miss his own family more. In a moment of very poor judgement, he decides to end it all. But The Pan should know by now that few things he plans ever turn out the way he expects.

Exclusive story for members of M T McGuire’s Readers’ Group


K’Barthan Shorts


Small Beginnings

K’Barthan Shorts, Hamgeean Misfit: No 1

When your very existence is treason, employment opportunities are thin on the ground. But when one of the biggest crime lords in the city makes The Pan of Hamgee a job offer he can’t refuse, it’s hard to tell what the dumbest move is; accepting the offer or saying, no to Big Merv. Neither will do much for The Pan’s life expectancy.

Available from 24th November, 2019


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The K’Barthan Series


Few Are Chosen

K’Barthan Series: Part 1

Meet The Pan of Hamgee: coward, unwilling adventurer and, by some miracle, K’Barth’s longest surviving outlaw. He just wants a quiet life so working as getaway driver is probably a bad career move. Then he falls in love at first sight with a woman he hasn’t even met who comes from an alternative reality. That’s when things really begin to get complicated.

Meet Ruth Cochrane: she’s the Chosen One, destined to play a pivotal role in saving K’Barth from a cruel dictator. She’s never heard of K’Barth, though. She’s a public relations executive from London and she’s totally unaware of the chaos about to hit her life.

Meet Lord Vernon: power hungry psychopath on the brink of world domination. He wants to cement his hold on K’Barth by kidnapping the Chosen One and forcing her to marry him. Only one person is standing in his way: someone who doesn’t even realise it, The Pan of Hamgee. For The Pan, and Ruth, that’s a deadly problem.

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The Wrong Stuff

K’Barthan Series: Part 2

The Pan of Hamgee is not a natural knight in shining armour. Yet he has escaped from police custody in K’Barth, switched realities and foiled Lord Vernon’s attempt to kidnap Ruth, the Chosen One, from the Festival Hall. Pretty good, he thinks.

However, Ruth thinks otherwise. Being pursued by Lord Vernon is bad enough. Now, thanks to The Pan, she’s on the run. They are both alive, of course, but with Lord Vernon on their tail neither of them can be sure how long for.

To save K’Barth and Ruth, the woman of his dreams, The Pan must introduce her to the Candidate, who is prophesied to be the man of her dreams. And he must do it fast – before Lord Vernon finds her. But the gentleman in question is in hiding and no-one knows where. Only The Pan can find him, if he can bring himself to unite them.

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One Man: No Plan

K’Barthan Series: Part 3

The Pan of Hamgee needs answers, although he’s not even sure he knows the questions.
He has a chance to go straight but it’s been so long that he’s almost forgotten how. Despite a death warrant over his head he is released, given a state-sponsored business, and a year’s amnesty for all misdemeanours while he adjusts. On the down side, Ruth has thrown in her lot with his nemesis, Lord Vernon.

The Pan doesn’t have a year, either. In only five days Lord Vernon will gain total power and destroy K’Barth. Unless The Pan can stop him. Because even though the Candidate, the person prophesied to save K’Barth, has finally appeared it’s still going to be down to The Pan to make things right. But he has no clue where to start or whether he even can.

The future hangs by a thread and the only person who can fix it is The Pan: a man without a plan.

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Looking For Trouble

K’Barthan Series: Part 4

The Pan of Hamgee doesn’t believe in miracles but if he’s going to save K’Barth it looks as if he might need one.

He’s not quite as alone as he thought. The punters from The Parrot and Screwdriver are right behind him and he has rescued three of his friends from the Grongolian Security Forces, who are now of course, three of the nation’s most wanted, which doesn’t make life easy. He even has something of a plan for once. It involves making peace with the Resistance, trying to resurrect the Underground movement, and toppling Lord Vernon.

Now, The Pan just needs to keep his head down and maintain a low profile. He must be brave and clever and stay in control. That’s going to be a first. But the hardest part will be staying alive long enough to put his plan into action.

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K’Barthan Series: Onmibus Edition

All four K’Barthan Series volumes in one huge ebook

All The Pan of Hamgee wants is a quiet life.

So why did he have to fall in love with a woman living a different version of reality, upset a murderous tyrant and then run out of places to hide?

Now all he has to do is face his inner demons, rescue everything he holds dear and save the world, or die trying.

Oh yes, and he’s an abject coward.

Great. No pressure then.

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Unlucky Dip

Free Prequel to two series about K’Barth;
K’Barthan Shorts, Hamgeean Misfit and
K’Barthan Series: Part 0.5

The Pan of Hamgee, a starving outlaw, bumps into Big Merv; the meanest, scariest gangster in the City and without thinking what he is doing, steals his wallet.

When Big Merv realises what has happened The Pan’s future looks short. Unless he can persuade Big Merv to let him go he will be going for a short swim in concrete boots or recycled into one of the bridges of the Outer Ring Road, currently being constructed round the City

Short 4k story, currently free from all the major book retailers.

This story works equally well as a prequel to the K’Barthan Series or the K’Barthan Shorts, Hamgeean Misfit series.

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Stand alone books


Escape From B-Movie Hell

If you asked Andi Turbot whether she had anything in common with Flash Gordon she’d say no, emphatically. Saving the world is for dynamic, go-ahead, leaders of men and while it would be nice to see a woman getting involved for a change, she believes she could be the least well-equipped being in her galaxy for the job.

Then her best friend, Eric, reveals that he is an extraterrestrial. He’s not just any ET either. He’s Gamalian: seven-foot, lobster-shaped and covered in Marmite-scented goo. Just when Andi’s getting used to that he tells her about the Apocalypse and really ruins her day.

The human race will perish unless Eric’s Gamalian superiors step in. Abducted and trapped on an alien ship, Andi must convince the Gamalians her world is worth saving. Or escape from their clutches and save it herself.

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Anthologies Participated In


Anthology: Christmas Lites VIII

Help support the NCADV with another amazing Christmas Lites anthology. If you like romance, we have USA Today bestselling authors in here. How about some horror? Bram Stoker nominated authors as well. Want to melt your heart with authors written from a child’s heart? We can help you there too. We have our “children’s interlude,” an entire section dedicated to our young authors.

All proceeds go directly to support the NCADV (National Coalition Against Domestic Violence).

Spread some good cheer and get your copy now!

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You can also borrow all of the books published by M T McGuire herself, from your local library.

All M T McGuire books are available to many libraries across the UK, Australasia and North and South America in both print and ebook format but you will need to request them. Ask your librarian.

Here’s what some independent reviewers say about M T McGuire Books…

Genuinely brilliant.
I have read a lot. I loved Douglas Adams’ hitchhikers guide trilogy and nothing since has come anywhere near close until now. I am taken by surprise and was awaiting disappointment and didn’t even expect to finish the book but this is a brilliant adventure with characters that I loved and believed. Thank you.’
Paul Roddis on Amazon, 26 December 2015

Lighthearted, hilarious and impossible to put down.
‘Filled with great characters and a plot that cant be beaten. The Pan of Hamgee is a lovable coward and a realist in a unreal world, which pits him against everyone he comes across, no matter how much he tries to avoid them.
Its a great introduction to what Im sure is a great series. I wouldnt be surprised if there wasnt a movie deal in the works.’ – Jeremy on Amazon, 17 April 2018

Douglas Adams, Terry Pratchett and now M. T. McGuire.
‘The UK has another excellent SF/Fantasy Comedy Author, if you enjoyed the work of Adams and Pratchett – then get this book, you will love it.’ – Greame Rodaughan on Amazon, 29 June 2016


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