New stuff, has landed! Woot!

So, I have a new release.

Yep. That caught you by surprise didn’t it? It’s a 10k short and it’s in an anthology of other excellent stories for yes, now, once again, ’tis the time of year for Christmas Lites. In this case, Christmas Lites VIII.

You may or may not remember the story behind this because I shared it last year. Splitter, an author friend from way back, found himself in a women’s refuge, dressed as Father Christmas with a bunch of candy canes in a sack. He was supposed to be arriving at the office party but instead, ended up doing the whole Santa malarky where he was and giving the candy canes to the people staying there.

You may also remember how his boss asked him where he’d been and how she then called him into work the next day where he found she had loaded her car with presents and how the two of them went back to the refuge with them the next day.

It’s a brilliant story, it’s human nature at its absolute best, and now every year, a group of authors join together and release a new Christmas Lites anthology to raise money for a charity which helps domestic violence victims, and which, I believe, was the the charity behind that shelter, the NCADV. It’s all the more poignant to the authors involved, now, since Splitter died of cancer a few years back so as well as the charity element there’s a dimension of doing a kindness in memory of a lovely guy. I am incredibly proud to be involved.

I’ve made a page of links to places where you can buy it. Unfortunately, because of the logistics of getting the money made to the charity, the book is only available on Amazon at the moment.  Hopefully that won’t be too much of a pain in the arse for users of other platforms – I can recommend the Kindle app if you have an Amazon account.

Grab your copy of Christmas Lites VIII here.

On other news, I also have stumbled upon a rather excellent give away.

It’s a Strange World Science Fiction

This giveaway is running from 22nd December through to 22nd January. These are authors who’ve written sci-fi books that are planet-based, you know, either future Earth, parallel Earth or different planets in other universes. If you enjoyed my stuff about K’Barth I think you may find some things you like among these too. At the least it has to be a release from Christmas telly and turkey farts!

You can find the books and have a look at what’s on offer by clicking on the picture or clicking on this lovely link here.

That’s about it from me, I hope you had a wonderful Christmas or, if you don’t do Christmas, I hope you had a wonderful whatever it is you do. Incidentally, did you know that the whole thing in America where they can’t say ‘Christmas’ is actually just something that occurred because Happy Holidays catches it all and shops didn’t have to have loads of labels, cards etc printed to mention all the other celebrations around at the same time. Then, in order to disguise their laziness, they pretended it was altruism and said they were doing it not to offend anyone. So now everyone’s up in arms at the liberals when the origin may well be down to Hallmark trying to save printing costs! Mwahahahrgh a little Christmas-tastic trivia for you. Sadly, I have not been able to fact check it, but I am very much enjoying the idea.

Anyway, happy it, whatever it is you do and all the best for a fabulous 2019. Whatever the New Year brings, here’s hoping it’s good.


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7 responses to “New stuff, has landed! Woot!

  1. Congratulations on your new release!!! As far as the Happy Holidays thing here in the States – it is hard to figure out what holiday everyone around you is celebrating – so I always say to my patients, and their families – have a wonderful Holiday Season, so as not to offend anyone. I didn’t realize it was because of Hallmark. Personally, being the devout Humbug that I am, I would just like to ignore the entire holiday season, and move right into January. This forced merriment makes me want to grit my teeth!!! Hope all is well with you!!!

    • I’m like that, I just ignore it all and hope it goes away! It is easier now I have a McMini though. I’m not 100% sure it’s greetings card manufacturers and sellers, I haven’t fact checked that you know, but I do love the idea.



  2. Congratulations on another release! I am currently half-way through Christmas Lites VII having not had time to read it last Christmas so saved it for this one. I’ll be clicking on the link for CL VIII as soon as I’ve finished commenting. Hope you’ve had a fine Christmas and good wishes for 2019.

    • Thank you! 😉 And bless you! You sound like me on the reading front, I do all my reading on holiday, in one massive binge session! The one in Christmas Lites VIII is about 9k longer than the one in Christmas Lites VII! I’ve managed to add it to my website this time, too so I’m pleased about that. As a result, Amazon might let me add it to the list of books I’ve published on my Amazon page … we can hope!



  3. Congrats MT! I will grab Christmas Lites VIII as soon as I finish commenting. Sometimes I also feel like humbugging, but I have 9 grandkids so it’s hard not to be joyful when they open their gifts. The youngest three believe in Santa and I’m not about to spoil their excitement.

    • Awwww yes having a McMini makes it very different. I still find all the travelling a chore but I enjoy the event a great deal more than I did before he came along. 🙂

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