I bring you tidings of great joy … probably.

I hope this finds you well and that you survived hurricane Doris, if it hit your part of the world. We have, although unfortunately, it appears that our garden fence has not. It’s currently lying prone in the garden but at least it’s not blocking the street anymore! So, it occurred to me that I should, perhaps, make this week’s blog post a little lighter in tone. To that end, I bring you freebies and some writing news.

First up, writing news, because I’m not egocentric or anything. Phnark!If you follow my rantings and witterings on a regular basis, you may remember me saying I was going to try and write some shorter stuff. This was, mainly, because my life circumstances aren’t always conducive to writing long, complicated stuff. To that end, you will be glad to know that I’m now 26,500 words into another ‘short’ story about K’Barth. I have also binned 19,000 words, or at least reallocated them for use somewhere else, because they don’t fit with this story, because, as is my wont, I started in the wrong place. I really, really hope I’ll be able to stop doing that one day, but on the upside, at least it means I usually get two books when I work on one.

It looks as if this will probably pan out at about 40k words, possibly 60k so, I think we can safely say that as efforts to write a short go, it’s an epic fail. It might, however, see me end up finishing an novel in record time if it continues the way it is. Mwah hahahargh. Swings and roundabouts, eh? It’s all go!

In addition, the Space Dustmen characters are getting excessively antsy and their world is becoming more and more vivid so I am going to have to write something about them soon, or they’ll find and have a word. They are indentured labourers living at a space base and obviously, as the scum of the earth, they all live near the sewage processing plant, on P Deck. Oh ho ho! Yes, ladies and gentlemen, you saw that joke here first! I’m just letting it ferment for bit more – the story I mean, not the sewage on P Deck – so it’s more obvious where I’m going when I start working on it again.

Lastly, on the writing news front, I thought I might have a pop at some non-fiction. This is a project that I may even try to do the trad way, I’ll have a think. However, I was out taking photos for it this morning and having thought I was nowhere near, I now find that I easily have enough illustrations to compile the book.


Happy me!

So, what else do I have for you this month? Two lovely promos, that’s what. Yep!
First up, the lovely Andrew Q Gordon is running a promo for fantasy books this month. There are ten books featured and you can grab yourself a freebie in return for mailing list sign up. To find out more, the promo page is here or click the picture. This one runs from 27th February to 3rd March.


Second up, once again, Patty Jansen is running a monthly promo which segues effortlessly into position on 4th and 5th March, just as Andrew Q Gordon’s promo finishes! Handy.

This one is for no strings attached free books on either Instafreebie and Bookfunnel. So, no mailing list sign up is required but you need to feel confident side loading them to your reader/tablet/computer yourself.

You can cop a load of that one, here or click on the picture, as before.


Anyway, I hope the promos are useful. I was rather chuffed to see that they are are full of fresh books (to me). So I’m hoping there is lots of interesting stuff in them for you too.


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11 responses to “I bring you tidings of great joy … probably.

  1. Great news on all fronts. As for me, Doris only gave us a 27 hour power cut, and a neighbour’s fence demolished by a falling tree, but then again, it wasn’t their house. Since my kindle and phone were fully charged, and my wood-burning stove fully operational, it was a fairly peaceful event, really 🙂

    Looking forward to the dustmen!

    • Glad you survived Doris. I envy you the stove, too. It’s on our one day my prince will come list but we live in a smokeless zone.

      I confess, I’m quite looking forward to Dustmen, too. It’ll be a couple of years though, at least.



  2. I’m ashamed to admit I had not heard about Doris, but it’s not totally my fault. I faithfully turn on CNN every day hoping for NEWS. What do I find? More Trump blather. Argh!
    Anyway, I’m glad you survived the blow relatively okay. Your writing career sounds like it’s really moving along well. Good for you, my friend!

    • I sympathise. It must be grim over there. The two groups of supporters seem to really hate each other too. Because of the 1930s Nazi Party style of Trump’s campaign and his friendship with Putin, a lot of folks outside the USA genuinely think you guys are sliding into a facist dictatorship. I hope it’s less scary within the us than it seems from out here. I read that An Australian children’s author who writes books championing the idea of diversity was stopped and subjected to rigorous questioning entering the US the other day. That does look a bit of a worry. Very worried that this blog will be enough to land me in serious shit next time I visit my rellies in the States.

      • Grim is an understatement. I am a longtime Hillary supporter, but that’s not what motivates me now. I’m terrified of what Trump and his right wing buddies are doing to this country. Between sabre rattling, isolationist policies and total lack of compassion, our “leaders” are, as you say, too reminiscent of Nazi Germany. Very scary!

  3. I’m fascinated with your idea of ‘short’. Although why am I surprised?

    K’Barth is good. Your readers like it … go with it. All two or more books at once of it!

    • Yeh, I seem to have a problem with short. I get a scene and then I think, well, we need to know why thingwot is speaking to bob and then we have a scene explaining that and then we have to explain how bob got there and why there is tension between them and then if bob and thingwot are going to escape their troubles they need to work on it so they do x, y and z and before I know where I am, an intelligent, credible solution to bob and thingwot’s problem has taken four books!

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