MTMail: with added incentives. Are you on my mailing list?

Would you like to be? That, my lovely peps, is my question for today. What would get you signing up for MTMail?

You see, I’ve been doing some more navel gazing and the piece of fluff I’ve prepared for us to examine today is my mailing list. I intend to revamp it a bit, ie, actually do something with it. I want to offer interesting bonus things to people who join and I want to make the idea of joining my mailing list sound a bit more interesting.

It’s not just that I want to shower people with mail shots though – lordy me, even if I’m ruthlessly efficient about it my mailing list members are going to be lucky if I can organise more than about three a year. There is an ulterior motive, in that you folks have offered me support, bought my books, left me lovely comments when I was down and humoured me by laughing at my crap jokes. So I’d like to set up some kind of thing where my mailing list and blog peps who are mostly one and the same, anyway, get bonus stuff. Either things nobody else gets or stuff early… that kind of thing.

In addition, I’d like to bribe incentivise folks to join my mailing list list. Not in a Lord Vernon, I-will-murder-each-and-every-one-of-the-people-who-you-hold-dear-until-you-do-my-bidding-and-I’ll-make-you-watch, manner but in a nice way, as outlined above: a touchy-feely, let-me-give-you-gifts kind of approach.

I’ve had a think and come up with some ideas… I was just wondering… if you’re able to give me any feedback, in the comments or on the poll.

Here are some of the things I’ve been mulling over.

First up, would you like a choice between general mailings and just hearing about the books? General mailings would probably take place once a quarter if I really got my finger out and tried hard so it’s not as if I’d be raining folks with spam. Although if I mailed subscribers about interviews and things it might be more often but I doubt I could manage to make it more than once a month: tops.

Second, what kind of free things would appeal? I can give away short stories or secret blog posts and I can also give away versions of my short stories read aloud, by me – this is something that a couple of folks have requested. Unfortunately, I don’t have the budget or equipment to produce audio books properly: I have a cat, a son and I live on a main road for starters – all things that make the recording process … interesting.

Thirdly, I wondered if you’d like to read out takes. Bits that were honed and toned but didn’t make it into the books. They are un-edited; by a professional at any rate.

Finally, if you’d like to sign up to my mailing list anyway, before any bribery incentives are in place, you can sign up from this link.



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11 responses to “MTMail: with added incentives. Are you on my mailing list?

  1. If you figure it out, let me know! I’m still floundering a bit with mine.

    All of the above sound good, but I particularly like the outtake idea 🙂

    • That’s good news as I have about 75k of stuff I took out. About 45k of that is stuff I couldn’t really use anywhere else but which made me chuckle when I wrote it. And yeh, you know me, WYSIWYG heart on sleeve M T. I will be sharing any figuring out I achieve right here.



  2. MT, you have my email and are welcome to use it. As a member of your cheering section, I’m interested in whatever you have to share. I love your blog and appreciate all your blog updates.

  3. Jemima Pett

    Trouble with mailing lists as opposed to ’email me the post every time’ is… the amount of email. so even though I’d like to hear about the other stuff, I’d rather just read your blog. My 2p 😀

    • This is the thing. I appreciate where you’re coming from here. I follow about 200 blogs and most of them post every day. Any e-mail stuff will just get lost. I’m kind of asking this on the assumption that not everyone’s in box is as mad as mine.



  4. I agree with all your commenters if that’s possible.

    Outtakes sound good. A bit like Jackie Chan shows a lot of king fu stunts that have gone wrong that are usually hilarious.

    What Cynthia said.

    I don’t like mailing lists particularly, and I do like reading blogs. More visually attractive. But, I’m happy to go on selected mailing lists and yours would be one. I might prefer a visual one to open as a doc rather than a total textual email, but that’s just me.

    If you are using mail chimp I hope you’ll upload an interesting logo rather than using the standard one though.

    • I am using mail chimp and it’s branded with the same art work as this blog header. Hopefully all the messages are but it’s a bit random and I haven’t quite got the knack of it yet.

      Very chuffed you’d like to be on my mailing list. I will make a note and add you and Cynthia! 😉 There may be out takes… we shall see.



  5. Kev

    Hope you didn’t mind me voting 3/4 😀

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