M T #interview on Radio Suffolk today.

Yes, it’s true. If you’d like to share my 15 minutes of local fame with me, I will be on the Lesley Dolphin show this afternoon at about 2.40, or thereabouts.

For information about the show and to listen on line, follow these links:

To listen live – choose the live link from  this page.

To listen afterwards – I think you have about a week from the date I’m on – click on Tuesday 13th Jan.


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17 responses to “M T #interview on Radio Suffolk today.

  1. Good luck. I’ll probably forget so I’ll catch up – you might want to add a reminder in a couple of days for the benefit of people like me who tend to forget as soon as they leave a blog. 😦

  2. WOW!!!! That’s awesome! I’ll be at work then but will listen to you on iplayer when I get home! *SQUEAL*!!!!!

  3. How exciting!! I’ve been trying to get the BBC link to work, but to no avail. I’ll use your second link tomorrow to see if that works. Break a leg! ell, not literally. Does that “wish” even apply if you’re on radio? Or did I just wish for something horrible to happen to you? I think I’ll stop typing now, while I’m ahead.

  4. Jemima Pett

    Shame I didnt open this till 4.15. I’ll try to get to listen to it online 🙂

  5. Congrats, MT. Very happy for you. I tried several times but couldn’t hear it. will try again tomorrow. Congrats again.
    And I just noticed you had bad news this morning. I hope it works out, MT. Life’s like that – sometimes joy and sorrow at the same time, like sunshine and clouds sharing the same sky.

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