Oh no, the M word! Yes. Marketing.

I’ve travelled to another blog to write today’s post… So if you want to discover the connection between inter-galactic church travel and marketing books, I’m afraid you’ll have to click again and visit my excellent friend Seumas Gallacher, here. In fact, please do.

Seumas is a bit of a success story having sold 70,000 copies of his books – which is about 69,900 more than I have so obviously, I’m in awe. Since I’m not usually invited anywhere – except back to apologise – I’m also feeling pretty honoured to be guesting on his blog.

Seumas writes a very good blog, btw. He talks an awful lot of sense with a Scottish accent – he’s from Govern – think Billy Connolly and you have it about right. I can thoroughly recommend his blog and one of his books – I haven’t read the others yet. So yeh, do pop over there. I can recommend it.


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4 responses to “Oh no, the M word! Yes. Marketing.

  1. 70,000! I’m in awe!

  2. I really liked this post and completely agree with you. When I first published I got upset at having to spend just as many hours online, finding book bloggers, emailing said people for reviews, faffing about on Goodreads etc as I did writing and editing the actual book! I realised that if I just ploughed that energy into writing more books I would build up a collection which should eventually get interest, and people would find me that way. Ever since, I do a wee bit of marketing but otherwise I focus all my energy on actually writing and moving forwards with new things, plus regular blogging and making new friends wherever I can, online and in real life! Throw in a dash of light prayer for a mystical publishing stroke of luck and I am happy. If it is meant to be, it will find me regardless of how much I try to push it or how many people I ask to read for review.

    Also I downloaded your book this week. I did it not because of clever marketing, but simply because you took the time and kindess to regularly support me and cheer me on at my blog, and now I stop by here and want to read what you are working on because you are a blog friend. Thus proving your theory really does work!
    🙂 xx

    • Thank you so much for saying such lovely things… I love your blog, it’s great and that’s why I like to follow it and I do feel that I’d rather follow a few blogs and make sure I read at least the majority of the posts, and comment than be skim reading lots.

      Thank you, also for downloading my book. I have quite a few years experience in marketing but only for companies everyone’s heard of and selling a product everyone knows and loves is really just a case of a little lateral thinking and a lot of charm. For some time I was worried that to market something as obscure as my work I should be jumping up and down shouting, “Me! Me! Me!”

      However, then I read Dan Holloway’s book about self publishing with integrity. I looked at the most recent ‘overnight’ successes and I realised that many of them are people who’ve been writing a long time or who had built up a big back catalogue before stardom hit. Thank you for all your support, too. And I hope you enjoy the book! 😉



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