Entrails, Omens, Eggciting News and Eggstraordinary Matters…

Well, OK, not entrails. Moving on.

Big is the order of the day, it seems. Our garden has been surprisingly free of random cats this week, not because of Harrison, who hasn’t had his shots and isn’t allowed out yet. Nope, not Harrison but because of a new random cat arrival.

Big Merv, as I am calling him is a monster of about the size and build I’d expect from the Beast of Bolsover. A true juggernaught of a cat, he is a little lardy but mostly he is just built like a brick shit house. He is a dark brown tabby with a white tummy which he likes to show me at every available opportunity. He is clearly very loved by someone somewhere because he’s a sweetie. He’s also confident, placid and yeh. Huge.

Meanwhile this morning, I encountered another enormity. With the preparation of a birthday cake in the offing I went to the market to buy some extra eggs.  Naturally, I went for extra large, in which there was this.


Yes. That’s a chicken egg on the right, the one with the terrible wart. And the one on the left? Well, believe it or not that’s a chicken egg too. All I can say is, I sure wouldn’t want to meet that chicken – and if she’s normal chicken sized then all I can say is, boy, she must have been screaming for an epidural. I bet she was in a bit of a scramble, eggcetera, eggcetera. [no more eggscorable egg jokes: ed]

So here’s hoping that all this bigness of eggs and cats is an omen for big success for the K’Barthan Trilogy… says she, jemmying in a buy-my-book reference with a large crowbar. Ooooof, kadang. Ouch, my toe.


Feel free to buy my books, if you want to and if you already have, thank you. And if you enjoyed them, feel free to tell your friends and/or leave a review in as many places as you like. And thank you to those of you who did.

In the meantime, Book 3 of the K’Barthan Trilogy is out today. I’m afraid it isn’t the last one. There are four books in it. Yes, I count like Baldrick. But there you go. If you’d like to purchase it, you can do so in these places:

In e-book format from…

Amazon UK
Amazon US
Your Local Amazon – wherever you are.
iBooks – coming… eventually
Barnes & Noble (nook)

In Paperback format from…

Book Depository
Amazon UK
Amazon US
Your Local Amazon – wherever you are


One Man: No Plan M T McGuire

The back cover of One Man: No Plan by M T McGuire



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20 responses to “Entrails, Omens, Eggciting News and Eggstraordinary Matters…

  1. And how do we get signed copies?

    • You pay for the book, plus mailing costs of slightly more than the book for me to send them to you! 😉 If you want one I can paypal you or I can sell you one when we next run into each other… which has to be reasonably soon.

  2. Ow, poor chicken!hope the book flies off the shelves!

  3. Egg-xactly. Those are undoubtedly good omens, though not for the hen. Congrats, MT. An exciting day for you and your fans!

  4. Reblogged this on Legends of Windemere and commented:
    Latest book of the K’Barthan Trilogy is out today!

  5. Best of luck with the new book. That’s pretty eggciting.

  6. Will it be an eggstraordinarily large monster birthday cake?

  7. Phew, no entrails! We have one hen that lays a double yoke egg about once a month and yes, it’s almost twice the size of normal ones and then she seems to lay smaller ones for a few days after that. Interesting though in a way!
    Best of luck with the sales and reviews. Looking forward to reading both of them 🙂

    • One of friend’s chickens is the same, too, but they reckoned the eggs weren’t quite as big.

      Thanks re the books 🙂 I hope you enjoy them as much as the first two.



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