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Some recent gems…

“Mummy I have an idea in my leg.”
“Do you?”
“Yes. I am full of ideas, I have them in my legs and my hands and my body and my fingers and my neck and my ears and my mouth and even in my eyes.”
“I see.”
“Yes. And this idea is in my leg.”
“Gosh. What sort of idea is it?”
“I think I’m going to go outside and ride my bike.”

A few weeks ago we went to visit a friend who has a son exactly McMini’s age. They live in Surrey, near Pirbright. In the afternoon we went for a walk in Brookwood Cemetary which is near there. McMini and friend stopped in front of this memorial to Polish soldiers in the second world war.

Polish Memorial at Brookwood Military Cemetery.

McMini and his friend stood in front of it lost in silent contemplation.

“What is that Mummy?” asked McMini.
“It’s a memorial.”
“What’s a memorial?”
“Well, some men from Poland came here to fight in the Second World War. They were killed and this statue has been put up to commemorate them, and how brave they were.”
Long pause.
Another long pause and McMini’s friend sidled up to him.
“What did she say it is?” he whispered.
“It’s a special statue to remember a man who died in the war.”
“Yes. He was a pterodactyl.”

Oh well, at least some of it went in. Just… the wrong bits.


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4 responses to “More from McMini

  1. texasdruids

    Hehehe! He’s a gem. 😀

    • I must confess, I edited out his first batch of questions about whether the memorial was depicting a live or dead bird.



      On 31 May 2013 15:00, M T McGuire Authorholic

  2. Sweet, funny, and full of inciteful observations. Somehow you see life in a whole new way with a McMini around, don’t you?!

    • So true. He’s an absolute poppet and he’s going through an utterly adorable stage at the moment after several weeks of being a total munchkin!



      On 2 June 2013 15:50, M T McGuire Authorholic

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