Hello Stranger

Yeh, I know, I’ve been conspicuously absent. There are two reasons; it’s half term which means my time is not my own and I have been setting up another blog/website for a group n of writers I’m part of. I say group, it’s more of an affiliation really but if you want to know more you can find out here.

Let me know what you think.


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2 responses to “Hello Stranger

  1. MYM, I looked at the Guild site. Nice job! I recognize several names of group members, terrific writers all. I don’t suppose a western romance writer (with a dash of the supernatural) would fit in the group, hmm? I do have a review by an Amazon Too 500 reviewer for each of my romances.

    I belong to two group blogs. Each member is assigned one blogging day per month. Do you have something like that in mind for your group? I just posted a blog on http://sweetheartsofthewest.blogspot.com on Feb. 20, if you’d like to take a look.

    My other group blog is http://cowboykisses.blogspot.com . My assigned day for posting there is the 2nd Monday each month.

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