Urgh! Just kill me now …

This week I have been making a very credible attempt to disappear up my own bum. Jeepers, if this is what it takes to visit another country I am never ever smecking going abroad again. And I’m not even the poor bastard trying to organise it. That’s McOther.

Suffice it to say that we had been looking at the prospect of escaping to France at some point, but I suspect the gargantuan mound of admin we have to attend to, were we to do so, would compare unfavourably with the amount of forward planning Scot did for that fatal trip to the Antarctic.

Other news this week, my website – not this blog but the actual http://www.hamgee.co.uk one – fell over. OK it didn’t really fall over exactly, I pushed it … a little bit. But NOT on purpose.

For some time now my web interface over there has been pestering me to upgrade  to WordPress 5.8. However every time I do I get a server error. This was something which had always happened at first release but there was usually the option to upgrade to the US version. I’d do that and then the GB version would work fine. This time there was no US version.

This was not a good idea.

Looking up on t’interweb, I discovered that it might be down to lack of server space, possibly, or I might need to do a manual install. I deleted a lot of posts from my blog, except for the two years when it was there rather than here. Then I attempted the manual install. I followed the instructions carefully and … when I loaded the site, I got a little message telling me something was missing. And a white screen. But nothing more.


I backed up the copy I had on my own computer and then cracked open the original copy I’d downloaded in 2014. Then I wiped everything on the server and uploaded that. Maybe that would work?


Maybe if I uploaded the backed up recent version on my computer then?



The galling thing was that this was obviously a really simple fix, I was just having trouble understanding what things it was telling me it needed.

Long and the short of it was I contacted the fellow who designed the site and does my web hosting. After a fraught 24 hours waiting for him to come back to me. He was away bless him, he reassured me that there was a back up on the server and reinstalled one from Friday. It’s still a bit borked so he’s going to have a look at it and see if he can straighten things out. Fingers crossed.

Other news this week, I suddenly got two promo slots for Hello Books, which is rather good and as a result I added a couple of other promo sites and yesterday Escape From B-Movie Hell received a massive 40 downloads. I am very chuffed about this as they came from other sites as well as Amazon, including Barnes & Noble and Kobo. Woot. Happy with that then. Yes it cost more than I’m going to earn but at the moment it’s a case of collecting new readers any way I can and hoping that as they join in with the whole K’Barthan Jolly Japes community, they will stick around and read my other stuff too.

Yesterday, I managed to step on a dead chick which I think may be the most revolting thing I’ve ever done. It was very windy here and I think it must have blown out of a tree or been dropped by one of the squirrels/magpies. It still had a yellow egg sack and it was primrose yellow and fluffy and definitely hadn’t been caught by the cat as there were no bite/puncture marks. Ugh. Just thinking about it gives me the boake.

Over the next four weeks I have many, many things to do. Just the thought of it is giving me hives, also characteristically, many things I wanted to do are, of course, happening at the same time, or when I’m not around; church friend’s funeral, the first metal detecting rally I’ve had access to in two years … all fall on days I can’t get to them. I guess that’s the same old same old.

During the next month, I suspect there will be no blog posts because there will not be time. I’m really sorry about that. There is so much admin that it’s all I’ll have time to do. If you feel denuded of all things K’Barthan, and are on Facebook, do feel free to hop over there and join the K’Barthan Jolly Japery Group. It’s a scream and I should be able to check in there a couple of times a day.

Right then. That’s it, I think. A bientot! Waves.

In the meantime, if you are hankering after some K’Barthan nuttery …

You can get some of my books reduced at the moment. Woot.

There may be a security error on some of these links but last Friday, I installed something that fixed that, but clearly after the time the site was backed up to. I have just installed it again. Oh yes I have. Hopefully it will work and nothing will break.


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10 responses to “Urgh! Just kill me now …

  1. Yes, I had problem with the WP 5.8 upgrade when done from my server. When done by the auto-update it worked fine. It froze for a couple of hours, then released itself. Same problem with the new ‘block widgets’ thingy in it. Install the Classic Widget plug-in (with a mottled blue logo, there’s another that seems the same but different logo) straight away and don’t touch your widgets in the new thingy.

    • Thanks, I will do that. I suspected it was the kill classic editor version and also, that that was the problem. Ooo doesn’t that that look odd written down? Mwahahahrgh. Glad you got yours sorted out. Mine’s working now so until the man with the know how sorts it out I’m leaving well alone!

  2. But those are problems because you’re expanding and DOING things. Glad you have a man.

    Have a good vacation from the blog – hope your mum is okay, and you get some actual rest, and if not rest, then fun.

  3. Diana

    That is a lot of things you are dealing with. I am also glad you aren’t alone in the dealing. May everything work out well, and your time away from the blog be good — whatever you end up spending it on.
    Congratulations on the sales!

    • Thanks on all counts. I won’t be far away just to time started to do a decent post. 🙂

      On Sat, 7 Aug 2021, 19:42 M T McGuire Authorholic, wrote:


  4. Eek – stepping on a little chick sounds absolutely horrifying. I am sorry about your website, I try and avoid upgrades at all costs – especially on my I-phone. I haven’t even thought of travelling, other than in a car, and I don’t want to do that because then I would have to stay at a hotel – seems like the hotels have used this whole COVID thing as an excuse not to provide any services at all. Can’t even imagine trying to travel out of the country! Sounds like a nightmare!! Congratulations on your books!!!!

    • Luckily the website is sorted now, I think, but yes the chick was grim. Thanks re the books and the travel isn’t so bad it’s just like going to … say … Greece in the 1980s. I guess we’ll have to get used to it.

      On Sat, 21 Aug 2021, 19:23 M T McGuire Authorholic, wrote:


  5. Though I did not entirely understand the issues you ran into with your ‘other’ blog account, you have put the fear of ‘blog loss’ into me. I will have to do some kind of research into ‘how to keep the ghost in the machine from eating my blogsite,’ I think. I’m glad you got yours back!

  6. My sympathy on all the shit that’s been happening. I hear Mercury is in ascension or some such thing – perfect for all kinds of shit shows. But such good news about the many downloads, my friend. Happy for you.

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