K’Barthan 3 is out soon… oh yes it is!

Squeeee! K’Barthan Three…


Picture taken in the few moments available when the cat was not in the box with them. He was busy killing some of the packaging on the floor at this point.

And just a reminder… it is available for pre-order in multiple formats at Smashwords and as an epub at Kobo.


The ebook should go live at Amazon on 12th June, at or around 9.00 a.m. GMT.

In print:

Pre-order from the Book Depository.

From Amazon.co.uk.

From Amazon US.

From your local Amazon, if you live outside those two.



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22 responses to “K’Barthan 3 is out soon… oh yes it is!

  1. Looks great! I’m so excited for you. There’s just nothing better than bringing a new book to life. I really, really, really need to get caught up on my reading. I’ve read the first book in your series and am trying to wade through the massive pileup on my Kindle so I can move on to the next. I loved Few Are Chosen, so I know the rest of the series has to be just as phenomenal.

  2. Great cover. Congrats and good luck.

  3. Congrats, MT.
    Great title, and I know it’s a fabulous book.

    • Mwahahahrgh! Thanks! I just hope it lives up to your expectations. It’s rather lower key than the others. Nothing much happens, it’s more laying down the ground for book 4.



      • Well, a lot happens in the other books, so when you say ‘nothing much’ that’s relative, right?
        How soon before Book 4 comes out? And is that your last of the ‘trilogy’? Now that you’ve redefined the meaning of trilogy, you could keep going! (smile)

      • Nah. Book four is the last one and it’s out on 12th July. I think some of the characters may crop up in another book sometime but I’ve a couple of others to write before then.



  4. Very exciting! Many congratulations!

    • Cheers me dear! I am dead chuffed. When I get the last one, I’ll have to start taking them round my local book shops. I need to get my finger out from up my bottom and offer some to the library, too.

  5. Great news, MT! I love the cover! Tweeted and shared on FB.

  6. Awesome, congratulations, M. T.!

    And I, for one, would not have minded a picture that included the cat in the box 😀

  7. Those look great! I’d almost decided not to create a print copy of my book but those just look too awesome.

    • Thanks. 😉 Print copies are definitely worth doing. I sell A LOT of books out of my handbag. Indeed, I’d say that handbag sales easily equal my risible performance online! You can go to your local library with them too, and lend them to book clubs.



  8. I still want a signed copy…

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