Amazon Recommended Reading.

No, really! Look! Mwah hahahargh!

Check out Number three!

Check out Number three!


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22 responses to “Amazon Recommended Reading.

  1. Hooray! So happy for you, MT.

  2. wooooohooooo – so delighted for you. That is brilliant. Perfect timing too with the next two coming out soon. Well done

  3. I may have tweeted this too, but Outstanding.

  4. lynhorner

    Cool! Congrats, MT!

  5. Congratulations MR, I shall look forward to reading it before passing it on!

  6. Sorry Mary, I put the wrong innitials!! MT!!

  7. COOL! I’ve always said it – you rock!

    • Thanks everyone. And thanks for tweeting , sharing, etc, which I see many of you have done. You are all lovely and I appreciate you support hugely; more than you know. 🙂



  8. Mwah haha for sure, congrats.

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    An Amazon Recommended book: (Number 3, that is)

  10. Reblogged this on Cynthia Reyes and commented:
    I am so proud of author MT McGuire. She deserves every recognition for her books. congrats, MT!

  11. Bit late to the party (darn drafting black hole) but brilliant! 🙂

  12. Doubleplus Like! Way to go. Now–to figure out how to get a digital book autographed….

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