Results. Box 010: No 2, Simon Royle

This week’s special guest was Simon Royle author of ‘Tag’, ‘Bangkok Burn’ and the brand-new sequel to Bangkok Burn, just published in March 2013, ‘Bangkok Wet: 2 (Bangkok Series)’.

You can find his Amazon author page here or visit his website, which includes his blog and information about his books here. Simon also runs The Indieview, which deserves a mention, by itself, as an excellent resource for writers, readers and reviewers in independent publishing.

Well everyone, the votes are finally in and I am I’m afraid to say that only one of Simon’s choices has been successfully voted into Box 010. That is:

  1. A Mosquito buzzing around your ear as you head to the land of nod.

Now, normally, at this point, I would be able to use my vote to remove Simon’s choice if I saw fit. However, since two of his other choices; politicians – very topical choice this week that one – and economy air travel have just scraped under the 25% of the vote needed to go in, I’m going to add another which is on my own personal list of horror!

So Simon, your objects being thrown into Box 010 for ever are:

  1. A Mosquito buzzing around your ear as you head to the land of nod.
  2. Economy class air travel.

Thank you for joining us, we will put your choices into Box 010, with great glee, I might add, and seal the lid closed with an industrial sized nail gun, oh, and a lot of super glue.

Thank you for joining us. Next week Jim Webster will be trying to persuade us to put his pet hates into Box 010.

Note from Admin, 29.5.13: Apologies for retrospectively disabling comments on this post but it’s getting buckets of spam. I think it must be the word Bangkok.

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