Happy New Year. Hung Over?

Why not blow away the cobwebs with one of Gladys and Ada’s famous cheese and pickle sandwiches? You know, the pickle that’s famed for its chilli heat.

No? Suit yourself. But if you are nursing a cup of black coffee with a couple of Alka Seltza in it this morning, if you have the shakes but, at the same time, are able to focus vaguely, here’s another brief snippet from One Man: No Plan, K’Barthan Trilogy, Part 3. Once again, it’s a work in progress, not yet professionally edited but here’s hoping you’ll enjoy it anyway.

One Man: No Plan, second sample.


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6 responses to “Happy New Year. Hung Over?

  1. Oooh, delightful! This promises to be a fun book. That chutney sounds like a barn burner!

    • Glad you enjoyed it. The chutney is thermonuclear!



      • I have friends who eat stuff like that. One weeps copiously as he chops and fries the chilli for his curry, even being in the same room is like being sprayed with pepper spray

      • I’m afraid I’m one of them… I have to go easy on McOther, though, who isn’t. I must confess that I had more fun writing that bit than anything I’ve written for a long time. It’s why I wanted to share it.



        On 2 January 2013 14:00, M T McGuire Authorholic

  2. DB9

    Hi Mary – Happy New Year!
    Like the excerpt: reminds me of Douglas Adams (hope you take that as the compliment it’s intended to be). Especially the mention of ‘Big Merv’s Mk II’ which made me chuckle. Whatever happened to Merv?
    Anyhoo, good luck with the rest of it and hope to see it in print sooner rather than later. :o)
    Best wishes,
    Dave. xx

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