#ComedyBookWeek starts today!


Oh yes it is. And naturally, as a writer of funny books, I am taking part. I’ll be reviewing a couple of the books involved on Wednesday and doing doing an interview over at the lovely Matt Drzymala’s blog here I’ll also be reviewing his book here on my blog on Wednesday, along with Missing Improbable by J J Green.

Folks with rather more drive and dynamism than me are doing a lot more. There are over 80 books involved now from a varied bunch of genres, from Chicklit to Sci fi. If you’re wondering where to find out more here’s how:

If you enter the hashtag #comedybookweek into the social media platform of your choice you will find all sorts of interesting information about the event; posts from authors involved, book reviews, giveaways and other joyous gubbins. You can also visit the comedybookweek website, here.

Many of these fine and dandy books are reduced in price, including Escape From B-Movie Hell, which is reduced to a gob smackingly competitive price of 99c/99pence. OK I won’t do the Cut My Own Throat Dibbler joke but I’ll give you a few seconds to imagine it in.

Did I mention that other authors are celebrating with giveaways, exciting competitions and other lovely swag? Oh yes, I see I did.

However, even I have dusted the moths out of my wallet and stumped up to send two of my books in signed paperback to the lucky Goodreads members who win them. You can enter those, from the 17th – 24th July, because, er hem, I got the date wrong, here:

Enjoy yourselves, and #comedybookweek, and most importantly, I hope you have a good laugh.



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7 responses to “#ComedyBookWeek starts today!

  1. Hope the readers love your interview as much as I did! 😀

  2. I saw this elsewhere. What with comedy week and Smashwords summer deals we are falling over ourselves with free/cheap book offers. Just hope it helps authors.

    • Yeh, the Smashwords thing was a pain because I’d reduced my book to do Comedybook week and didn’t dare raise the price and wait for the smashwords bargain price to kick in again… I’ll know next year. 😉 My sales always pick up a bit in summer, it’s around May and September that are my worst times usually.

      We shall see. 😉

      • The Smashwords one is to be in I think, not that you want to hear that. It’s well done and user friendly. I’ve been impressed with the range of books and offers. FWIW I think the branding of ‘Comedy’ isn’t smart. Humour, maybe, satire, yes, but comedy sounds too slapsticky. And while I’ve only read three books on the list I whizzed through, I wouldn’t describe any of them as comedy. To me that is Bill Wotsit carting a fridge around Ireland. Which I did find quite funny.

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