Read MTM’s Interview: Win Stuff.

Yes everyone, today is the day when I am interviewed in the Brain to Books blog tour. And it’s a long, long, long interview so if you like to read me wittering on, do head over and say hello. You can find my spot in the Brain to Books blog tour here:

If you would like a chance to win a free paperback copy of Few Are Chosen, K’Barthan Series: Part 1 there is still time for you to enter the draw to win one on Goodreads. The giveaway ends on 2nd September. To enter go here:

Finally, there is absolutely loads of literary bling to be won in a whole host of giveaways from a bunch of the authors taking part in the Brain to Books blog tour. To have a look at what’s on offer, go here:

Thank you, I’m a little teapot* and good morning.

Eh... have you heard about the Brain to Books giveaway?

Eh… have you heard about the Brain to Books giveaway?                                            You bet I have! Sure as there’s a bag of spare eyes behind me.

*In joke for anyone who has read the book I’m giving away.


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13 responses to “Read MTM’s Interview: Win Stuff.

  1. That was a good read and the casting was interesting. Timothy Dalton would be good as LV, did you see him in Hot Fuzz? (or whatever it was called). Alan Rickman would have been the other one I could see doing it.

    The artwork/cover story was interesting too. Despite reading all four, I hadn’t consciously noticed that. Ebooks for you 😦 Covers have more impact when books are lying around or you pick them up all the time.

    • Yeh, LV was Mr Dalton in Jane Eyre from the word go. I forgot what I said about the cover so I’ll have to go and re read it. Mrs Memory here…



  2. Loved the interview! You wrote, “nobody else seemed to be writing the kinds of stories I wanted” as why you got into writing. That’s why I began writing, too! 😀

    I know they say series is a big thing, but as a reader, I love standalones a lot more.

  3. Great exposure for you, MT! I’ll hike over and listen to (watch) you witter away. Love that word! Must be British. Never hear it over here in Texas. 🙂

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