Stand down… all units.

Thanks so much for the well wishing and support.

Yes, the oldster is OK. He will be in hospital for a while and there’ll need to be rehab and big changes at home. That isn’t such a bad thing. In fact, some good may well have come out of this. Dad can go back home. However, when he does there will need to be a lot more care, possibly 24 hour round the clock, care; for both of them. That may sound bad but I think it’s what they’ve needed for a long time.

So a lot of relief all round.



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10 responses to “Stand down… all units.

  1. I’m relieved for you and your family. Please say HI to your Dad and Mom.

  2. I’m so glad to hear the good news!

  3. Glad to hear, 24 hour care is a tough one but good it is possible. Do they live far from you?

  4. Never easy, but at least your parents will appreciate staying home, if the care is available. Not easy for you keeping in touch with the distance inbetween…
    Best wishes!

  5. I’m sorry to hear you had a such a panic and am glad for you that it has turned out ok. Phew. Families eh, where would we be without them! Hopefully only positive things from this point on xx

    • I hope so. McMini was sick at the weekend so I have an extremely lively, perfectly fit but not allowed to go to school because he threw up 5 year old on my hands. 😉

      It’s all go round here. It’s going to be a very close run thing, getting my books formatted, finished and uploaded for their final release dates. I thought I’d been really organised, too. I factored in an extra two months for this kind of thing. Mwah hahahargh. Never mind.



  6. lynhorner

    That’s grand news, MT! I hope all goes well once he goes home.

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