Look what I found!

Am I going to eat it? You bet your arse I am.

Alas! Poor Yoric. I knew him Horatio (but not in the biblical sense I hope)

Few things are lovelier, fried, with onions, bacon, a little potato and a touch of garlic and pepper. It’s actually a bit of a tiddler, they usually grow to the sort of size that would dwarf the toaster there in the background. Today I found three young ones and a biggie that had been squashed. I’ll never eat them all so I left the rest and took a small one. The biggie had gone to spores and I’m hoping the small ones I left will get to do that as well.

It came from a National Trust property near here. I found one there a few years ago, too, in the middle of a beautifully manicured lawn… which was quite bizarre. This one was on the other side of the estate, in a field.

It’s always exciting, finding one of these.


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6 responses to “Look what I found!

  1. AHA! Finally, a convincing explanation for your bizarre imagination…

    • Mwah ha hahargh! How could you impugn me so?! Mere hallucinigens have nothing on what goes on my head, I once compared notes with an acid user. Phnark.



  2. caro

    What the heck…is that a skull you’ll eat?

  3. I hope that’s a mushroom . . . I used to love mushrooms picked from the paddocks on my sister’s farm years ago. The last time I picked wild mushrooms I poisoned three of my kids and myself, so now I stick to the bought varieties. Boring but safe!

    • It’s a giant puffball so yeh, kind of. I hear you on picking your own mushrooms. I am allergic to some of them so I can’t pick them either but basically, if you bruise the surface a little, just press it hard, and it goes yellow it means that it will make some people very ill. My brother and his wife picked some, she was horribly ill, he was fine. With you on the kids, too. I gave McMini a tiny bit and waited 24 hours before I gave him any more.

      Also doesn’t help that for just about every edible fungus out there there’s the False …..(insert name of fungus here) which will cause death. Phnark. The only ones that are unique are the giant puffballs and the parasol mushrooms – which have checky stems like a frittilary.



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