Box 010 Results: Number 4, A.F.E. Smith

This week’s special guest was A.F.E. Smith, speculative fiction writer and the brain behind the fabulous Barren Island Books, which, obviously, I shamelessly copied when setting up this feature.

You can find AFE Smith’s work on her website and blog here and for an example of Barren Island Books, here…. yeh… still my one.

This week’s vote has been truly stupendous. For the first time ever we have a whopping FOUR items going into Box 010, to be annihilated, for ever, from the collective consciousness. So… without more ado, here are the results.

  1. Dog owners who don’t scoop their poop.
    Yay! They will be placed in a plastic bag and thrown into a tree by a public footpath.
  2. Meat eaters who get all precious about certain animals.
    Excellent! You eat meat, or you don’t. Although I confess, having seen what dogs and cats eat, I would probably demur from eating them.
  3. Badly programmed language aids.
    Take that, Microsoft, in your evil plan to force the whole world type in American, by making the simple process of changing the spelling dictionary to Real English that little bit more complicated than piloting the space shuttle.
  4. The phrase ‘calm down dear’.
    Contrary to popular belief, it seems that nobody likes a Winner.

Well, A.F.E. that is a pretty amazing tally so congratulations and thank you for joining us. Next week, author Jean Gill is hoping that you will help her vote some of her pet hates out of existence.


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3 responses to “Box 010 Results: Number 4, A.F.E. Smith

  1. Woo hoo! The world is now a shinier and happier place. At least for me.

  2. I have to agree with all of those! Well done AFE!! 😀

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