Awesome Indies award Seal of Approval to Few Are Chosen

Few Are Chosen is not only Awesome Indie listed now, it’s Awesome Indie Seal of Approved… so to speak. I quote…

“Books awarded the Awesome Indies Seal of Approval have been triple checked for quality. The standard of prose required for the seal is higher than that for inclusion on the site, therefore placement on the Awesome Indies list does not guarantee award of the seal.

The seal appears on book covers as a pure gold version of the above. The actual seal is only available from the site administrator. The black and gold version is used for display on websites.”

So Now I get to display this picture on my blog. aiafinal

That’s very cheering.

Here are the links to the three reviews.

  1. Tahlia Newland (reviewed on Awesome Indies)
  2. David Morrese
  3. Kate Policani


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5 responses to “Awesome Indies award Seal of Approval to Few Are Chosen

  1. That’s absolutely wonderful, MT. I’m so very happy for you and your achievement. Let’s hope Parts 2 and 3 are as well received.

    • Thanks! Book 2 is on there but I need a radical proof read/re-edit to get it up to seal of approval status. They liked it, though, which is half the battle. 😉

  2. texasdruids

    Congrats MT! That’s terrific!

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