Results. Box 010: Number 1, Michael Brookes

This week’s special guest was Michael Brookes author of The Cult of Me’ and its brand-new, just-published sequel, ‘Conversations in the Abyss’. You can find his Amazon author page here or visit his blog here.

Well everyone, the votes are finally in and I am delighted to report that two of Michael’s choices have been voted into Box 010. Yes, here they are:

  1. People who drive without lights in fog.
  2. Film remakes.

Michael, thank you for joining us, we will put your choices into Box 010, with great glee, I might add, and seal the lid closed with an industrial sized nail gun, oh, and a great deal of super glue.

Thank you for joining us. Next week Simon Royale will be joining us with some more items to put into Box 010.

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