If you thought The Wrong Stuff was the right stuff… and you’re interested. Location photos.

The other day, a fellow forum user on Goodreads, Ignite, said she’d love to know things about my books like, where they’re set, where the ideas came from, a bit about the cover art… that kind of thing. So, taking her words to heart, last time I was down in London I took some pictures of one of the locations.

The RAC Club features in The Wrong Stuff, K’Barthan Trilogy: Part 2, so here are some pictures of the bits mentioned – or at least, the bits that exist. A lot of the RAC Club in my book is imaginary.

The sight that greets Ruth when she walks into the RAC club

The RAC Club, the view up the stairs to the atrium as you come in. So this is what The Pan and Ruth would have seen as they came in and where they would have been greeted by Club staff.

The RAC Club, from in the atrium, looking down the stairs towards the street entrance.














RAC Club Atrium

This is another shot of the atrium from the first floor but trying to show the glass ceiling. I should think there is very little up there apart from the roof, some water tanks, air conditioning/heating outlets and a lot of pigeon pooh. However, I like to pretend there really IS a roof garden.

The atrium, although we’re actually on the first floor by this time, or possibly the second floor because the atrium itself, above the swimming pool, is sort of mezzanine.

















Here’s the view of the atrium, looking down at the fabulous carpet and the display of old car(s). This time it was just the one, I think I have seen a pair before. They can be anything from a vintage motor like the one here to rare road cars, rally winners, historic racers or grand prix cars. The only thing they have in common is that they are always interesting. But this is where the display of historic Lotuses in the book would have been.

RAC Club stairs where Big Merv and Lucy argue

The stairs at the RAC Club where Lucy answers Ruth’s phone call from the police station and argues with Big Merv about going to Paddington Green alone.

The RAC Club, stairwell

Here’s a picture of the view upwards… somewhere at the stop of the stairs is where Sir Robin/The Architrave’s apartments are hidden. Although I have to confess that I based the corridors and rooms upstairs on a different London club.


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2 responses to “If you thought The Wrong Stuff was the right stuff… and you’re interested. Location photos.

  1. It’s really interesting to see what was in the author’s mind when she was writing. Thanks. So it’s NOT all imaginary!

    • Phnark! No, although the RAC Club might deem it so, if they read my book! 😉 Glad you enjoyed it. Sometime soon I will update my links widget and put your blog in. In fact, I was going to blog about the fact you’ve mentioned my books on your blog… If that makes sense!



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