Have a look at my box. Phnark

OK, seriously then. There’s a little box to your right labelled, “UK Amazon Kindle Webring”. This is a group of websites from the users of a group on Goodreads called the UK Amazon Kindle Forum – now there’s a surprise.

Anyway, you can find the group here

If you’re a British author I can recommend joining. There are lots of really useful forums on the internet where you can ‘meet’ and ‘speak’ to other authors but many of them are American sites, and while there are lots of lovely people on them, they do tend to be so terribly high-minded and serious. So, if you want a bit of levity as well as excellent book recommenations, information, interaction with readers and other authors etc the UK Kindle Forum is a good place to go.

Plug over then. Apologies, I am blitzed. McMini put olbas oil in his eye on Friday night – nimble fingers and an enquiring mind; a dangerous combination. I rinsed his eye thoroughly but we still ended up in casualty. They were great; saw us very quickly and we were home by 9pm but I’m amazed how knackered an hour or two spent worrying whether your son has irreparably damaged his sight in one eye makes a person.

We have now completed the course of eye cream and in return for his bravery I will now have to purchase him a Spiderman T-shirt. Note to prospective parents, bribery works well on small children.

On the up side the olympic flame went past our house yesterday and I even managed to take a picture. See below.

Olympic Torch: Bury

The Olympic Torch goes past my house.



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2 responses to “Have a look at my box. Phnark

  1. texasdruids

    Way cool, M.T.! Are you among the group of watchers?

    Glad to hear McMine is okay. That must have been a very scary evening.

    Stop by my site if you have time: http://texasdruids.com

    • Sadly not, I’m behind the lense. 😉 Yeh, the evening was… well… it was all rigid calm and then when I got home and I knew everything was OK I was knackered! And the adrenalin made me ratty for several days.



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