Talking about unblocking drains…

How do you unblock a writer?

Things are hectic here at Casa McGuire with a flotilla – or is that a crack – of plumbers, jubilee cakes to make, a birthday party to organise and a very lively three year old to amuse. This does not make for an easy time plotting a book – a fairly cerebral process which takes a great deal of mental application and energy… neither of which I have, just ideas. In abundance. Which is tricky.

When it’s all go and it’s lovely I’m a great believer in giving up and enjoying it. The grey matter should not be forced. So for me right now, it’s a case of tinkering. A sentence here and there, a joke, a bit of conversation. If the brain can’t cope it’s a case of letting it put its feet up and leaving the subconscious get on with it. Sure it’s frustrating but it’ll happen, and probably a lot faster than if I flog my extensively plutzed grey matter.

Meanwhile, I’ll work on something else… unless I’m too blitzed to write at all. In which case, I’ll stop.

So there we are. Difficult things to learn about writing number 63: knowing when not to.

As if to bear me out, when I click post, WordPress gives me a quote from Agatha Christe.

“The best time to plan a book is when you’re doing the dishes.”

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