McMini Says

Some more gems from McMini who is currently hoovering up his supper, or at least, munching it crumb by crumb, at the same speed glaciers move.

He sighed and said, “I have so much to do… I must do driving and eating and measuring and running.“
“That sounds like a packed social agenda.” I said.
“Oh yes I am very busy.”

Then he looked at his toy aeroplane and said.

“That is made in a factory with a machine and then a man puts it in a box and it is sent to the shops for me to buy.” he said.
“Well, yes that is pretty much how everything works.” I said. “Where did you get that from?“
“I watched it on I Can Cook.”

I was quite chuffed that he’s worked out how a factory works from looking at a short segment about packing and shipping bananas.

This morning we were out for a walk and the conversation went something like this.

“Mummy. It’s been raining a lot.“
“Yes hasn’t it? I’m glad it’s stopped now.“
“Yes and the puddles have gone.“
“Yes they have.“
“Where do they go?“
“Well, some of the water soaks away into the ground and some goes up into the sky. It’s the same as the steam that comes out of the kettle when it’s boiling — that’s water too — except there’s not as much so we can’t see it.“
“Ah… I think that’s how rain gets up into the sky, then.“
“Yes, that’s exactly how rain gets up into the sky.“
“Mmm. I see.”

I think he’s probably quite sharp. I quake at the thought of his teenaged years. I will win many arguments when he’s a teenager (not).


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4 responses to “McMini Says

  1. Newsflash MT – NO-ONE wins an argument with a teenager LOL 😀

    • Curses… typo alert! That’s what it’s supposed to say… or was I being sarcastic, not sure. I wrote it ages ago but it’s been a draft and I’m just sorting all the McMini posts so I stuck it on. That’s why the date is 2012!



  2. texasdruids

    Yup, he’s definitely a smart one. Do you have gifted programs over there for kids with high IQ? He may need one if he keeps on that way.

    • I’m not sure there’s a ‘gifted’ scheme as such, haven’t looked into it. Having said that my IQ is one point off genius level but academically I am definitely an under achiever in pretty much everything except English. At the moment, his intellect seems to be depressingly similar to mine. I am still crossing my fingers that he’ll get his father’s brain.



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