The Value of Re-reading…

Hmm… here I am formatting my book for print, ordering actual bound copies to look at and evaluate and thinking that I am pretty much finished when I discover a massive and pointless continuity error…

I’d never seen it before so I’m delighted (not to mention relieved) to have found it now.  I suspect the moral of this story is that you can never proof read your stuff enough times.

On a completely different subject, the p key on my computer has broken. It still types, but the plastic lid won’t stay on so I have to put my pinkie directly onto the strange squishy rubbery mechanism… I guess the moral of this story is not to put your computer on the ground so your mobile phone falls out of your pocket onto the keyboard when you stand up.

Another small disaster was averted, too, yesterday when scion came rushing through my nice clean house shouting “egg” and juggling a real one from hand to hand – he is one and three quarters so this was… alarming. I did manage to rescue it and get it back into the pantry… I also managed to rescue the three other eggs he had dropped into the cereal box. Luckily none of them broke either… so no eggy cereal and no horrible eggy goop stuck, for ever, between the floor boards in the hall!

Points to the little one for manual dexterity, too, he’d unhooked and opened a wire egg basket and opened a cardboard egg box inside it.


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2 responses to “The Value of Re-reading…

  1. Bet you remember these milestones because you wrote them down. He’s a lot older now, and soon will be MUCH older. Now you and I will both remember him juggling that egg.

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