Yes, it’s true, you can buy K’Barthan merchandise…

Although, so far, I’m the only person who does – for advertising purposes, I hasten to add, and NOT because I’m a raving egomaniac (phnark). You might like the M T McGuire art, though. So if you’re interested, you can find K’Barthan Trilogy kindle cases, phone cases, t-shirts and more (mostly depicting pictures of snurds); and all at the K’Barthan Zazzle shop….

Get Your British K’Barthan Tat Here
Get Your American K’Barthan Tat Here

It’s all covered with pictures like this…

Snurds: The Interceptor chasing after the MK II.

Snurds: The Interceptor chasing the MK II.

And here’s a picture of me with some of the merchandise I bought! Phnark. Who knows, someday, someone else might buy some!

KBarthan Merchandise

M T McGuire with a K’Barthan Trilogy Phone Cover.

6 responses to “Merchandise

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  2. I’ve nominated you for some awards. If you choose to accept them, you’ll find them here:-

  3. Kev

    That is so cool MT! 😀

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