A little light relief #jollyjapes #sillypictures

Things have been tough recently at home. Just trying to help my parents who are elderly and suffering from a fair bit of memory loss, sorting the care, trying to keep someone between them and the horrible folks who keep ringing them and duping them out of money. We are winning but it’s tough. So I have neglected my blog somewhat. My heart is too full to say much so I’ve not said anything.

Although on the upside I have been making quiet progress on my books, the Box Set of the K’Barthan Series is in final, final, edit and review copies have gone out to my fabulous Reading Ninja team. So until I have more information for you here are some pictures. A kind of trade test transmission*, if you like, only funnier.

It's Sean the sheep, it's Sean the sheep ... he even hangs around with those who ... actually I'm not sure who he hangs out with to look like this. He was Meditarranean chicken.

It’s Sean the sheep, it’s Sean the sheep … he even hangs around with those who do not … throw food away … ever. He was Meditarranean chicken. Two months ago. Gulp. It wasn’t my fridge.

McMini and I had haircuts last week, I swept up the cuttings and put them in the compost bin. Later when I opened it I found something that … well, check this out. Donald Trump’s ‘hair’ has escaped and is hiding out in our kitchen bin.



I don't think he approves ...

I don’t think this guy approves of my jokes …

* only a tiny fraction of you will be old enough and British enough to know what this is, by my theory is that even if only one person will get the joke, it should be made!


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12 responses to “A little light relief #jollyjapes #sillypictures

  1. So sorry for what you are dealing with with your parents. I had a good giggle at mouldy Shawn and bin cuttings Donald! 🙂 I have just gotten stuck into K’Barth part 2 and am really enjoying it 🙂

  2. Sending you hugs and a bag of googly eyes to continue to work your magic xx

  3. Final, final? Uh … Trump’s hair? Burn it. Evil.

  4. Ack! Sean looks rather like the real thing, then I read the startling origin…. Thanks for the chuckle! 🙂

  5. Carol McGuire

    Congratulations on the boxed set! Love the Donald hair – what an imagination!

  6. I hear that human hair is the best thing to deter squirrels from digging up your spring bulbs in the garden. So if you plant bulbs….

  7. Diana

    Just popped over here from Roughseas, and found myself captivated. I can commiserate re your challenges with your parents (a tough part of life is this part), and love your sense of humour. I bought some coloured googly eyes a while ago, to use for kids’ crafts whenever that might happen — and will now keep a random pair close to my fridge. If only I had a good camera that could take good photos (i am convinced it’s the camera; no fault of my own)….

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