New Free e-short

Yes, I’ve a new freebie short story for you… it’s not my best work but I was experimenting with being surreal. I like writing like that but it doesn’t always work for everyone else. Or to put it another way, it doesn’t always work. Not many downloads yet, although Smashwords fell over for a bit this morning so that might account for it (says MTM hopefully).

Anyway, here’s the gen:-

The Tale of Spam City by M T McGuire.

Griselda, the Spam Eating Wench of Noop has never clapped eyes on a can of spam, let alone eaten any. If the situation becomes public knowledge her family faces social disgrace. But the world tinned-meat by product crisis is deepening and spam is thin on the ground. Only Griselda can save her family from ruin but can she find some spam before the truth gets out? British English, light swearing PG

It’s on Smashwords, here. Enjoy!

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