More bad parenting.

Remember my post last week about my epic parenting skills well here is another instalment. I was going to tell you one from many moons ago but I don’t want you to feel you need to be sympathetic, I just want to raise a chuckle, and also, there’s a second instalment of last week’s debacle which you might enjoy. I’m afraid it’s not as funny but it’s the kind of thing that happens on a normal non-eventful day in our lives so it will give you the idea of the kind of life I lead.

This week I finally managed to go to the talk McMini and I enthusiastically tried to attend somewhat prematurely last week. Here’s how it went.

McMini is able to stay at home this time with McOther though, as in a rare moment of normal person working hours, he is home by six. Woot.

However, nothing is that simple and shortly before leaving I am faced with a new challenge. McMini explains that while at school that day, he took his watch off to do some painting and that when he came to put it back on again, ‘it wasn’t there’.

He’s McMini, he’ll have left it somewhere precarious it and it will have fallen onto the floor.

‘My teachers are going to have a really good look for it tonight,’ he tells me.

McMini is McMini. He is not one of the normals – CF this picture (left) – although he’s slightly better at pretending than I am. Also, he has time keeping skills like mine, as in negligible. This inconveniences him when he wants to watch his favourite TV programme, the Simpsons, which he loves, because he keeps losing track of time and missing the start. To combat this singular source of annoyance, he has set an alarm on his watch to go off at the time the Simpsons begins; six pm.

Cue 1950s Technicolor miraculous moment Oooo-aaa-aaah music.

Yes! I realise that if the watch is somewhere non-standard, which it will be because this is McMini, the caretaker or teachers may well have difficulty finding it. But should that happen, all they need to do is stand in the room where he lost it at around six o’clock, wait for it to start beeping and home in. It also goes off five minutes afterwards so even if they don’t quite manage to find it the first time, hang around for five minutes and they’ll get a second shot when it goes off again.

Following this blinding revelation comes another one – I know, two in one night! Steady on – but I realise that I’m about to go up to the school and actually be there at six pm. I reckon I can find McMini’s watch if I can persuade them to let me stand in the classroom for a minute or two. Excellent, the watch may have disappeared but I have a very real shot at finding it.

When I arrive at the school I discover there are two events going on and one of the ladies from the office is doing a meet and greet, pointing people in the right direction for each one. She steps forward the minute I appear and says,

‘Oh Mrs McGuire, about McMini’s watch, his teacher thinks it might be in his drawer. They all put their watches in their drawers before PE.’

‘Ah, I think McMini put his on again and took it off for art,’ I explain and then I tell her about the alarm that’s going to go beep at six and ask if I can go and stand in the classroom.

‘I can go and have a look for it if you like? If you don’t mind waiting here …’

‘Not at all,’ I say, ‘shall I carry on letting people in?’

‘If you could.’

So off she goes. I do what she’s been doing, press the button to let people through the airlock and tell them that the year two meeting is in bumblebee class and that year six parents are to go to the main hall.

Time ticks on. I say hello to various friends going into the hall for the meeting I’m supposed to be attending. Finally, when things are looking a bit worryingly quiet, the lady comes back.

‘You’re right,’ she says, ‘It wasn’t in his drawer but then I heard it beeping like you said, so I followed the noise and found it.’

‘Bonanza!’ I say, ‘Thank you.’

I take the watch and scuttle swiftly in the direction of the hall.

Obviously, I am last in, but to my complete amazement, the meeting hasn’t started yet. McMini’s class teacher rushes up to me to reassure me that all hands are to the pump in the search for the watch and I am delighted to be able to break the good news to her; that we’ve found it and I explain how.

‘That’s genius!’ she says, and appears to really mean it, bless her.

We exchange a few more brief pleasantries and I walk to the front and sit next to a friend.

All goes well until, a few minutes into the talk, there is an insistent beeping from somewhere. The speaker stops. As the beeping gets louder, and faster, people shift uncomfortably and rummage in their bags for their phones to check it isn’t them. That’s when I realise the noise is coming from my arm. The lovely lady who found McMini’s watch heard the alarm and used the sound to locate it, but it seems she didn’t get there in time to switch it off. That means the five minute snooze period is up and it’s going off a second time.

Luckily no-one really minded.


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10 responses to “More bad parenting.

  1. Yay! Three cheers for buzz-repeater watches!
    At least the watch battery lasts longer than my phone’s….. I’m sure I’m not the only person who has to find it by phoning it fro the land line.

  2. It’s embarrassing, isn’t it? The one time I forgot to switch off my phone, someone decided to call me – in the middle of a concert of the Princeton Folk Music Society! Ring, ring, ring – of course. At the time, I was President of the Society. Oops.

    • Oh no! That’s definitely a curl up and die moment! It must have been terrible and you have my sympathy as somebody who has many such moments oneself …. 🙂

      • It took a few seconds to figure it out, get the phone up, and stop the noise – felt like an eternity – but I’m sure it’s all forgotten by now. I hope.

        Then there are the problems because I DID remember to turn it to vibrate – and my kids can’t get hold of me because I forgot to put it back on ‘ring.’

        Such is life. Back in my day, people couldn’t ring you when you were not home, so these problems didn’t occur.

  3. Diana

    no sign of bad parenting in this post 🙂

    Sounds like you did everything right — including bits of foreshadowing for your readers. Good detective work, Mom (Mum?) — and thank you for sharing these stories. They sure make me feel better about some of my less-than-stellar moments.

    …like the time I had my cell phone (flip phone inherited from my mother) go off in the middle of class. We have a very strict “no cell phones on during class time” ruling, and I am an enforcer. I never get phone calls on the cell, since 1) I don’t give out the number, and 2) I almost never have it on. In this particular instance, when the phone rang, and I knew it was mine, I actually had to get up, take it out of my pocket, and answer it. Why? Because I have no idea at all how to silence it without answer.

    • Mwahahahargh! You’re clearly as bad as I am then. That’s the kind of thing I do. I missed a meeting I was supposed to be going to last night, as well, because everything kicked off at Mum and Dads and it fell off the radar. Also turned up bright and early for my gym assessment on Monday to discover that I’d actually booked it for the same time the previous Friday. Mwahahahrgh. Once we get through the current bump with Mum and Dad I think I will probably be a bit more organised.



      • Diana

        that “you’re almost as bad as I am” is actually a compliment 🙂

        May the bump with your parents be settled quickly and smoothly. Things do fall off the radar, for good reason.

      • Bless you, thanks on both scores!

        On Tue, 22 Jan 2019, 15:55 M T McGuire Authorholic

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