A bit of a breakthrough…

Yes, I’ve finally found a way to sum up the first book, as opposed to the trilogy, in a sentence.  Actually, it’s three sentences but that’s a lot better than a whole page of tripe!

Here it is…

Your existence is treason, your family are dead, it’s illegal to employ you and then you wake with eyes in the back of your head. What do you do?  For the Pan of Hamgee – when his vertigo subsides – there’s only one answer; become a getaway driver.

Slightly worried about my submission to Snowbooks.  I’m sure I’ve cocked up and been the antithesis of everything they want in an author… like defeatist… Pretty much like this bit here.  But I like to think I’m a realist rather than defeatist but I know how slim my chances are of being published.  If somebody enjoys reading my submission I’ll be happy… I still believe, though, that there are a lot of people who would genuinely enjoy reading my book.

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