E-publish and be damned?

Will it be frowned upon?  I’m thinking about this because I’ve just submitted to another agency, Wade and Doherty, mainly because I liked them.

This is the only submission I have in, at the moment.  I may do some more but I need to find a tactful way to explain that, due to my advanced age, I must approach more than one agent at a time in order to find one before I die…

Meanwhile the paid editor is launching into the third section of my novel.  She’s managed to cut it to 101,744 words… if I can get it down to 99,000 I’m sure it will improve my chances of publication.  Hoping having it edited will help, too.

Which leads me neatly onto my most recent topic for research.  Should an author e-publish a novel they are trying to sell to a publisher?  Does it reduce their appeal and make them look desperate or, if they’ve managed to sell some copies on the back of their own marketing efforts, does it help to prove their work is saleable?

I want to e-publish for three reasons:

  1. I want people to be able to read my book.
  2. I think the crest of the e-publishing wave is pretty much now – or possibly a month or two ago – and for once I want to be reasonably early to market.
  3. If it sells I can present it to an agent or publisher as something that is already known and successful (albeit in a small way).

If I e-publish, am I about to shoot myself comprehensively in the foot?

I’ll get back to you with more information about this as I uncover it.


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3 responses to “E-publish and be damned?

  1. Indie here forever (unless someone comes up with several millions). I can’t take the process – tried back in the last century to very nice rejection letters, and no takers. The amount of stress was astronomical, and the waiting entirely paralyzed production.


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