A small hoorah and some handy info

Oh yes.  Finally, I have made the Smashwords Premium Catalogue… my freebie, pique-their-interest-story should now appear on Amazon and Barnes and Noble… eventually.

It went live on Smashwords on 8th December and so far, 19 people have downloaded it.  No reviews, though, which is a pity as I’m sure there’s nothing like a good review to drive it up the charts.  Then again, I fear this story may receive nothing like a good review.  There’s a reason I don’t usually write shorts and that reason is, I’m not very good at it.

On the search for unicorn poop er-hem, sorry, finding an agent front, I have been introduced to a couple of useful blogs.

The first, Queryshark answers the question, what do you write in your query letter when you approach an agent.  The answer is an elevator pitch.  A short sharp synopsis which (and I quote)

MUST contain:
1. Who is the protagonist?
2. What choice does s/he face?
3. What are the consequences of the choice?

It seems that’s pretty much all you need to do, you can add a bit about how you’ve done writing classes if it’s relevant but nothing I’ve done is relevant… well actually I suppose 12 years of corporate communications probably counts for something but not anything of potential use when writing a novel.

I’ve been reading queryshark for a while now and have submitted my own pitch for perusal.  I hope they tear it to bits because lord knows, I need to get it right.

And there I leave you.  More on useful blogs tomorrow.  Go check out the queryshark.  She’s great.

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