Authors with the same name

So here’s a question.  What do you do if there are other authors with the same name as you…  Do you change your name?

I thought about writing under my maiden name but can’t help thinking that even now, most people associate the name Mary Bell with  a 10 year old serial killer… not a great start for somebody writing humorous fantasy fiction!   Then there’s the Mary Bell Order, I don’t know if it still holds but I do know it was illegal to mention that particular Mary Bell in the press for some years… and I can’t help thinking it might cause unnecessary complications for this one.

There are several Mary McGuire’s writing, a Mary S McGuire and a folk singer called Mary McGuire who is becoming more and more famous… gone is my top ranking in Google.  She now pips me to the post in all areas and the first few pages are pretty much exclusively about her!


This could mean I need to start this and all my other blogs again with the new nom-de-plume identity.  Otherwise, build up any momentum, increase any reader numbers and it’s going to get complicated… They’ll be looking for Mary McGuire and all my work will be somewhere else!

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